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Koreatown Pot Hotel Opening Tonight, But Is Foreclosure Imminent?

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It's 420, so of course there is some ridiculous pot-related news to bring you. The 1920s-era Normandie Hotel in Koreatown is being rebranded as Dennis Peron's Normandie Hotel, a stoner-friendly place to stay the night. San Franciscan Peron coauthored Prop 215, the state's medical marijuana initiative, and he's partners in the hotel with developer John Evangelista, who bought the building in January. The LA Times reports that Peron and company have been making over the hotel's 106 rooms, which he says will eventually have a "hippie rustic" theme.

Marijuana activist Richard Eastman, who is in charge of marketing, says "Forget Amsterdam. Meet me at 6th and Normandie. You won't need a passport to come to the Normandie Hotel...On the Metro, the bus, the taxis, we're centrally located in the middle of the center of the universe right here." They plan to sell two day packages for $420 (but no indication if that includes the cost of the marijuana lodgers intend to smoke). However, this pot-topia is not without its problems. Coowner Evangelista "is in a dispute with the former owner, who alleges in a lawsuit that he only intended to sell a half-interest in the hotel." He's $200,000 behind in loan payments and says he could lose the building. So far the team has been renovating with money from donations, but the total job is estimated at $500,000, and the LAT says the group is "open to help from investors." The hotel is holding a grand opening tonight. It will probably be a good place to score some weed. [Inset via Ordable; hotel via Hostelworld]
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