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Shooting New York For 1930s Los Angeles, and the Real Thing

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[Set photos by Alan Miles; Winslet via PopSugar; Kustiner's via Calisphere; all others via LAPL]

You don't see this every day--it's Manhattan playing Los Angeles. Reader Alan Miles sent in photos of Park Avenue and 27th Street gussied up for the shooting of the HBO miniseries Mildred Pierce, which will be based on the Pasadena-set, Depression-era book by James M. Cain (rather than the 1945-set Warner Brothers movie). It's directed by Todd Haynes and stars Kate Winslet as Mildred. Just for funsies we dug up some actual 1930s photos of Los Angeles to compare and contrast. See if you can tell the difference.
· Kate Winslet to star in HBO miniseries [Variety]