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Downtown's El Dorado Releases Newest Pricing

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Here's the new pricing sheet for the downtown El Dorado, which canceled its auction last week, but has now released some of the units for sale. On Sunday, we watched more than a dozen different people walk into the El Dorado sales office after attending the 655 Hope auction. Andy Chong, a Los Feliz resident who didn't buy at 655 Hope, but then went to the El Dorado told us that he thought with "all the auctions downtown, buyers have more [choices]," in terms of purchasing. Hearing him use the phrase "all the auctions downtown," made us think that perhaps the downtown auction market might be on its way to tapping out. Plus, if the 655 Hope auction was filled with "investors and bottom feeders," as one person associated with that auction told us, might the so-called normal buyers be staying away? Another source we talked to it chalks it simply up to product. A good building will still bring strong interest in this market; a mediocre building will suffer badly. Anyway... prices for the El Dorado after the jump.>>>

El Dorado Lofts

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