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Turn of the Century Craftsman in Westlake

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Why is there a street in Westlake called Ocean View? Why would you build a house with five bedrooms and only two bathrooms? Well, it's possible some of those bedrooms are unpermitted, the seller (which appears to be the bank) is not sure. Confusion aside, this house is old (1904) and has some nice details to it. The listing adds "Recently painted and new carpet. Hardwood floors and lots of character. Close proximity to Downtown, city services and transportation." The bank took the house last August at $340,200 following a 2007 sale at $695,000. In November the house was listed at $397,800; it's been sliced down to $368,800.
· 2337 OCEAN VIEW Ave [Redfin]

2337 Ocean View Ave., Los Angeles, CA