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Rant about Los Feliz's New Track Hours, Catalina Island Has a Blog

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LOS FELIZ: A reader has a rant about the brand new shiny track at the Marshall High School in Los Feliz. A rep for the school confirmed the hours, but no one ever got back to explain why the school has opted to close the track early now. Keep out the gangs of gophers? Here's our runner: "I’m never one of those “my tax dollars paid for this” kind of screamers but as a resident of Los Feliz I do feel a bit jipped by the new Marshall High School track. It's amazing and I’d love nothing more than to spend my evenings jogging around its fancy ass track. However, the hours they keep it open are ridiculous and impossible for anyone with a job to take advantage of. Mornings are 6:30-7:30 and evenings are 6-7. Makes me want for the old days when the track was dirt, the field was full of ankle breaking pot holes and it stayed open ‘til late in the night. On any day of the week you could show up and join a dozen joggers, soccer players and families getting out and getting some exercise. Supposedly its open all weekend but I’ve been by the last two Sundays only to find a giant lock keeping me from enjoying the facility. What’s up?" Image via LFIA [Curbed InBox]

CATALINA ISLAND: Via the Inbox comes news that someone is pecking out a blog off the mainland. Welcome! "Just wanted to let you know we have a great blog for Catalina Island called Catalina Island Insights." [Curbed InBox]