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WeHo Wants Jetsons-Style Automated Parking Structure

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West Hollywood is looking for proposals to build a 200-space automated municipal parking structure for City Hall visitors, staff and commercial patrons. It's not clear where the structure would be located, but a recent email newsletter from the city says the garage would use "motorized lifts, conveyors, and shuttles to transport cars from their arrival level to the parking spot... customers simply drive into a friendly entry bay and stop, exit and lock their car. Upon return, the automated parking garage system retrieves the car and quickly delivers it to the driver in a convenient exit-facing position [in about 90 seconds]." These parking structures can hold two to three times as many cars as a ramp garage, and WeHo says they're more energy efficient--their structure would reduce CO2 emissions equivalent to what 92 cars produce on a yearly basis. And from a design standpoint, the structures enable, "developers to meet their parking requirements in less space than they would have with a traditional ramp-access garage." Hey, you can't say WeHo isn't progressive. [Image of a German automated parking structure via Bellingham Herald]
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West Hollywood City Hall

8300 Santa Monica Blvd, West Hollywood, CA 90069