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No Need For that iPad, Transit TV is Back on Metro Buses

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Transit TV stopped broadcasting in city buses last February, when Torstar Corporation, the Canadian firm that owned Transit TV, shut down the company and put it in Chapter 7 bankruptcy. But now Transit TV is back with a new owner, new programming, and new targeted advertisements. When buses are close to businesses that have bought advertising, "a banner ad pops up on the Transit TV display for 30 seconds," along with an address to email for coupons, according to The Source. As for programming, riders will see news and weather, "sometimes anchored by actual Metro customers," games and contests, and "Metro Destinations," segments that "acquaint riders with different Los Angeles-area attractions accessible by Metro." Transit TV is free for Metro so they make some money off those advertisements, and according to the relaunch press release, "In customer surveys, more than 84 percent of riders say they prefer being on a bus with the monitors." [Image via sgroi]
· Transit TV returns with new programming and an innovative new advertising system [The Source]