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Amid Legal Mess, Park Wilshire Tries to Pretty Itself

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Oh, poor Park Wilshire aka 4848 Wilshire. You are that peachy-colored condo project embroiled in a legal mess aka Koreatown-based Saehan Bank sued the developers last year over a $15 million loan, there was a countersuit, yada, yada. As expected, this is headed to trial. Looking over the case filings, a trial jury is set to begin on February 2, 2011. "For sale" signs are still often spotted, so condos are still being hawked, but the windows on this building are still looking mighty dark. On the upside, the owners have added some new landscaping--trees and shrubs--in the front of the building. That new fence also went up a few months ago. A commenter once had the idea of just turning this over to some sort of senior affordable housing project. That'll likely never happen, but wouldn't that be some sort of interesting resolution to this mess. The units themselves are huge, as we discovered.
· 4848 Wilshire Update [Curbed LA]