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Koreatown Wants Official Designation and a Little More Space

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Some Koreatowners have asked the city to nail down the Koreatown borders, and according to KPCC, locals seem to be asking for a little bit of extra room. The neighborhood, according to the application, is recognized by the LAPD, the LAFD, the LAUSD, and the Census Bureau, but doesn't have consistent borders among the departments. It asks for a Koreatown bordered by Melrose and Beverly to the north, Vermont and Hoover to the east, Pico and Olympic to the south, and Wilton and Crenshaw to the west. The 2001 Wilshire Community Plan says the Koreatown Regional Commercial Center "is generally bounded by Eighth Street on the north, Twelfth Street on the south, Western Avenue on the west, and continues east towards Vermont Avenue," and the Bureau of Engineering's report on the matter says the proposed neighborhood area "is currently considered part of Country Club Park, Koreatown, Pico Union, Wilshire Center, Hancock Park and Melrose community areas." The LA Times' mapping project has slightly more modest boundaries than those proposed. The City Council's Neighborhood and Education Committee reviewed the proposal last week, and according to KPCC, some people are not happy about the spread of Koreatown--a Salvadoran activist said the area is largely Latino, and "that changing the area's name would hasten its gentrification." The committee put the designation on ice for a couple of months.
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