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Downtown's Bunker Hill Get Its Own Glossy

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Hey, you know you've made it when your neighborhood gets your own magazine. Advertisers! Retail moving in! Fishbowl LA brings news of Bunker Hill magazine, and the first issue features stories on Central City Association/Business Improvement District head Carol Schatz, who is interviewed by Jennifer Hadley. Hadley ask Schazt: "Why should I move to Downtown?”

“It is now a destination. It is a hip and cool place, and you are exactly within the demographic of those who have started to live here, who come here to party.” I’m smitten. Schatz thinks I make near 100K a year, bless her heart. She continues, “To think that Downtown would be a destination for nightclubs is something I never thought I’d see. It’s a place to be. It’s also a place to live.” Schatz also says she's not afraid to walk at downtown at night by herself, but this tough lady also probably eats nails for breakfast. There are also features on Gary Leonard and Seven Grand. Meanwhile, speaking of neighborhood magazines, 944 has filed for bankruptcy.
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