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SCI-Arc and Caltech Team Up to Defeat Germans in Solar Decathlon

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Stand back--SCI-Arc and Caltech are combining their architectural and engineering powers, but thankfully only for good. They've been chosen as one of 20 teams to compete in the 2011 Solar Decathlon, an international competition sponsored by the US Department of Energy, for which they'll design and build a solar-powered house that will be displayed on the National Mall in October 2011. (Their press release notes that the German team has won the past two events.) To prepare their application, architects Wes Jones and Dwayne Oyler led seminars at SCI-Arc and engineers Harry Atwater and Doug Caldwell led classes at Caltech to develop a conceptual model they call CH:IP/Compact House: Increasing Possibility, which "combines a minimal footprint with solar technology for a house that could fit into various urban locations." The DOE awards a $100,000 grant to the participants, but the team will need to raise additional funds. They'll construct the house over the next year and a half on the SCI-Arc grounds in the Arts District.


960 East Third St., Los Angeles, California 90013