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High-Speed Rail Bummer: Draft Environmental Report Delayed

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Release of the draft environmental impact report for the state's high-speed rail line has been pushed back from May 2010 to January 2011, reports the OC Register. The delay is related to issues involving right-of-ways, ie what's percolating in Buena Park, where either a condo building or a nearby Metrolink station will be demolished. For instance, residents of the condos are afraid that without the benefit of the Metrolink station, their complex will become "a run-down slum." More about the delay via the OC Register: 'State officials on Wednesday said pushing back the environmental studies will not affect more than $2 billion in federal stimulus funds that have been given to the project.

The authority is proposing to build an 800-mile-long rail line that would transport passengers from Anaheim to San Francisco in about three hours. The overall cost is estimated at $42.6 billion and would be funded with private and public money, including federal and state funds and bonds."

Meanwhile, while some Buena Park City Councilpersons are still sounding fairly negative about the train. Councilman Jim Dow tells the paper, "I think this is one of the biggest wastes of taxpayer dollars I've ever seen. This is a bunch of old men wanting to play with electric trains."
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