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Drink Plenty of Water and Shade Yourself Under the Peace Crane at Coachella

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It's here--the weekend everyone goes out to the desert and gets dehydrated drinking beer and running between the Imogen Heap stage and La Roux stage--Coachella! The main art installation this year is called Ascension, and it's the first work by a new consortium called Crimson Collective, made up of LA-based artists, architects, and designers, whose work supports the Crimson Society, a homelessness non-profit. As you can see Ascension is a giant aluminum crane, 150 feet wide and 45 feet high, and "based on a balance between tension and compression components.

"White shade fabric [80% mesh texilene sunshade material] forms great soaring planes that are reminiscent of the folds [of] paper in an origami crane." In the center of the crane is an exhibition space, which will house a fuel cell demonstration this weekend, and outside the crane, putting the blazing Indio sun to work, will be two solar collection stations to power "tranquil mood lighting" at night. The crane is modular, it can be packed into one 40 foot shipping container, and the artists hope to bring it to other events around the world.

The art follows a tradition of local artists and designers creating objects for the festival.

And here's an animated video of how it comes together:


81800 Avenue 51, Indio, CA