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Hey Homeowners, You Can Have Subterranean Parking, Too

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This is just what product designer Holger Schubert aka the guy with his Maserati needs. An Oklahoma company called Vasari is shilling a new service for people with too much money: subterranean parking lifts for single-family homes. "The Vasari products allow homeowners to park multiple vehicles in the smallest footprint possible by safely transporting them underground, and out of the way," writes Vasari's Director of Sales, Louis Coleman, in a press release. The company says they spent seven years researching, developing, and designing the lifts, and says they are safe as safe can be. We love this line: "Potential markets for Vasari subterranean parking solutions include... vacation homes where a vehicle needs to secured and safely hidden from renters." You can also retrieve a lower vehicle without moving the top vehicle. Fancy.
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