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Santa Monica Thinking About Swapping Parking for Premieres

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[Parking structure via OmarOmar; rendering via the Lookout News]

AMC has unveiled the plans for their proposed theater for Fourth Street in Santa Monica. They want to demolish the city's Structure 3 and build an 83,000 square foot multiplex with 12 theaters, including an IMAX, 2,100 square feet of retail, and a restaurant and bar. AMC is saying this could be a "flagship" for them and a place to hold premieres. A designer involved with the project told the Santa Monica Daily-Press that "designers want to make the theater as pedestrian friendly as possible, incorporating lots of glass to make it feel as if it is part of the street." Structure 3 has 324 spaces and was already scheduled to be replaced with an updated garage, but the city owns space on Fifth Street it could use for a mixed-use parking structure.
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