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Tiny But With a Tiki Bar in Echo Park

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Moby's Wolf Lair home in the Hollywood Hills may boast a fancy upscale tiki bar, but let's go downmarket and head to Echo Park, where a tikki bar comes with this one-bedroom, one-bath home on Lake Shore Avenue. At only 601 square feet, you don't get a lot of room, particularly in that bedroom, which'll bring dorm room flashbacks--and all the awkward collegiate memories of trying to have romantic encounters in a coffin-like space. Last sold in 2002 for $100,000, the home is now listed at $419,000. Meanwhile, that sweet looking Echo Park starter home that was previously featured on Curbed? Sale pending, bitches! What real estate crash?
· 2310 LAKE SHORE Ave [Redfin]

2310 lake shore avenue, los angeles