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Manhattan Beach Sand Dune Will Reopen-- With Restrictions

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The Duners did it--the sand dune at Manhattan Beach's Sand Dune Park will reopen, although with a new reservation system. According to ABC7, hours and operations will be "tighten[ed] up," and users will have to reserve online and pay a fee, expected to be $3-5. Bill Hory, president of Citizens for Outdoor Recreation and Exercise, the group founded in response to the dune shutdown, tells Curbed in an email, "this is no doubt a victory not only for the thousands that signed the petition [to reopen the dune], but for the generations of future users of the Dune...However, a highly restrictive reservation system and potential user fees will drastically reduce usage by 70%. While I am happy that the Manhattan Beach City Council did not eliminate exercise, they did not necessarily encourage it either. Personally, this has been an affirming experience seeing how the Manhattan Beach City Council can address the legitimate needs of the minority while also being somewhat responsive to the majority of Manhattan Beach residents that wanted to continue 40 years of recreation in a public park!" In a blog post on the duner website, he adds "CORE will continue to advocate for increased usage opportunities as the final details are being evaluated during the next two weeks." The sand dune will be recontoured before any grand reopening.
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