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American Apparel Goes "Off the Map" to Point Dume, Watts Towers

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We thought the only uses for American Apparel at this point were: 1. Making teenagers in Kansas City feel like hipsters 2. Last minute costume elements 3. Skeeving out anyone over age 35 with those ads. So we're confused about whom they're aiming their "14 Days in LA" feature at--maybe those Kansas City kids fresh off the bus? Here's their plan: "We spent two weeks going off the map to show you our favorite spots in Los Angeles. Check back daily for a new suggestion of where to go and what to wear in our hometown and get in on daily exclusive deals - two new styles announced each day!" These are all lovely places to go, and we guess it's all just part of AA's whole mainstream-in-kooky's-clothes schtick. Photos show pale youngsters shivering at Point Dume, blocking the screen at Cinefamily (the Silent Movie Theatre on Fairfax), riding horses in Beachwood Canyon, and bouncing around at Silver Lake's Sweaty Sundays (Besides it being redundant to advertise AA there, once the New York Times has covered it, the cat's out.). They also head to Koreatown, which AA calls "one of LA's most authentic neighborhoods." Future excursions are to Venice Beach, the Watts Towers, and the Old Zoo, which is not so much "off the map," as "what you do when your parents are in town."
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