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Restrict Visitor Parking in Santa Monica, Turn Bergamot Into Scooter-Central

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Santa Monica has big plans for the next few years, including parks, malls, and capped freeways. The city is working on formalizing it's Land Use and Circulation Element, basically a document that lays out planning goals, but a commentary in the Santa Monica Daily Press takes umbrage with the LUCE's transportation element, which says the Expo Line, along with Santa Monicans driving less, will help mitigate much of the traffic at these new developments. Kenny Mack writes, "If that's going to be the plan for how to deal with the massive influx of non-resident cars clogging our streets... then the City Council simply cannot vote to certify the LUCE."

Meck is skeptical that Santa Monicans will pick up the slack if Expo underperforms, and instead provides his own ideas for traffic mitigation and parking problems: "We could give local vehicles a resident sticker and reserve a certain amount of parking capacity for locals only. At the same time, we could make Bergamot Transit Village [home of future Expo station] into a transportation hub where visitors could "park and ride" rented bicycles, scooters, and local cars (electric or hybrid) to get around town."
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