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Pasadena Weekly Offers City Tips on Parking Enforcement

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Depending on your point of view, Pasadena's approach to parking enforcement is entirely efficient or entirely evil. On the evil side, it's been well-documented that people have a lot of gripes about the strict parking enforcement in the city, be it the enforcement company the city has used, or the confusing ticketing process. Following its series on parking, the Pasadena Weekly offers some tips to the city on how to improve parking. According to the paper, in the last two years, Pasadena issued 195,000 parking tickets, respectively. "Given that the city has 140,000 residents, we thought that was a little excessive, if not also counterproductive and possibly even anti-business, as Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Paul Little, a former City Council member, suggested." Among the Weekly's suggestions: "Freeze fines for expired meters at $30, then raise all other parking fines only every two years," and "Increase free parking in city garages from 90 minutes to two hours."
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