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Miami, London Cater to the Gay Tourists, LA Not So Much

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The Miami-Dade Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce is opening up an LGBT Visitor Center in Miami Beach on Thursday for tourists to get info on hotels, restaurants, and bars, and enable them to easily spend more money, reports outinmiami. This follows London opening a similar center (pictured) in October. Does LA have such a visitor center? Nope. But neither does West Hollywood, because, as Andy Keown, director of communications for the West Hollywood Marketing & Visitors Bureau, tells us "LGBT outreach is so intertwined into everything we do already, there's no need for a separate facility." WeHo did recently revamp their own visitors' web site in the hopes of capturing more of the lucrative LGBT travel market. And in terms of marketing to gay tourists, WeHo is doing more than LA, which doesn't have a strong online presence geared toward the group. [Image from Roberat via Flickr]
· Miami to Celebrate LGBT Visitors Center Grand Opening [outinmiami]