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Gleaming El Monte Bus Station Will Be Less Depressing Than Most Bus Stations

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[Inset via Topix; renderings via The Source]

The El Monte Bus Station works hard--it serves 22,000 people daily for Metro, Foothill Transit, LAX FlyAway, Grehound, El Monte Transit, and Metrolink Shuttle--and it deserves to look pretty, ok? And so it will be getting a $45 million makeover into a two story building with "variable message signs, intercoms, closed circuit television, solar panels, wayfinding equipment and information displays, new elevators and escalators, a transit store, bike stations and lockers and public art," according to a press release from Metro posted on The Source. Construction of a temporary terminal will start next week and should end in August. The real thing is scheduled to be finished in January 2012, which is just two or three years before El Monte officials say people will be moving into the city's proposed adjacent transit village.
· El Monte bus station work begins next week [The Source]

El Monte Station

3501 Santa Anita Ave., El Monte, CA

El Monte Bus Station

3501 Santa Anita Ave., El Monte, CA