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LMU Learns the Hard Way: Ain't No Party Like a TMZ Party

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Showing that an underwear run doesn't have to be exclusive to one school, last Friday about 400 Loyola Marymount students took place in the first-ever Iggy Run, a charity event modeled after the infamous undie run. According to a peppy story in The Loyolan, the school's newspaper, the event drew various promoters, as well as TMZ. "Along with reporter Max Hodges, a TMZ cameraman conducted brightly lit interviews asking questions that often made participants collapse into laughter." But if it sounds like the students had a good time--and we know those students like to party-- the editorial board of the Loyolan isn't pleased. An excerpt from the stern editorial: "The Loyolan recognizes and understands that the intentions of the event were to create a new campus tradition and garner school spirit in the name of charity. However, reflecting on the event, the sight of women running around in lingerie and men in tight underwear is demeaning and offensive to the student population and sends the wrong message to the community....

LMU can do better than creating a place where students can be drunk together, charging them to do so, then giving the proceeds to charity. That’s a sad form of philanthropy, and it’s not something for LMU to be proud of. When TMZ shows up to the party, it’s time to reconsider the party." Pic via the Loyolan
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