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LAX-Adjacent Custom Hotel Is Up for Sale

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The Los Angeles Business Journal has taken down its pay wall, and good god, go raid the candy store before they realize their mistake. Among the notable real estate stories: The troubled Custom Hotel, designed by architect Welton Becket, is up for sale. "The Custom Hotel, a 250-room boutique operation in Westchester, has been put up for sale by Marathon Bank, which took ownership of the property in November after foreclosing on developer Avi Brosh. The 8639 Lincoln Blvd. hotel could sell for $20 million, less than what Brosh spent on a remodel just three years ago.

Operated by Prism Hotels & Resorts on behalf of Marathon, Custom was a staid business hotel until Brosh’s company, by Palisades, spent $23 million on a makeover, adding a private lounge and themed floors, among other improvements." Having also lost the red-hued Palihouse in Hollywood, Brosh has had a bumpy year when it comes to hospitality. Meanwhile, Yelpers give the Lincoln Boulevard hotel mixed reviews, but mostly seem to like the place. UPDATE: It was too good to be true. A LABJ staffer passes on word that the pay wall will be indeed be coming back. The wall will return after this brief honeymoon period aka California Business Journals' “open house” that's meant to acquaint readers with the newly designed site.
· Westchester Hotel on Block After Pricey Remodel [LABJ]