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Ernie Carswell Still Chatting Everyone Up About the Peak

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Real estate agent Ernie Carswell just can't stop talking up that Hollywood peak listing. Even though he doesn't have the listing for the site, he appeared in a February Los Angeles Business Journal story, representing himself as having the listing. And last weekend, he appeared in a LA Times story about the peak, a piece that has the agent featured prominently. Carswell "claims a personal affinity for the peak" and said "his sellers are 'caring people' who want it used properly.'" The sellers, of course, are Fox River, and the potential buyers are the Trust for Public Land. Paige Rausser, project manager for the Trust for Public Land, expresses bafflement at Carswell's media tour. "Ernie Carswell has not had the property listing since February 2009," she writes in a statement. "TPL entered into an agreement directly with Fox River in April 2009. We have never worked with, nor ever met Ernie Carswell." It's not clear if the LA Times reporter Kim Christensen ever directly asked him if he had the listing, and Christensen didn't immediately return calls. A source close to the Fox told us back in February--when the LABJ story broke--that Carswell has no idea what the developer wants for the site.
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