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Developer Hunger-Striking For Increased Density in Arcadia

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Developer and realtor Henry Nunez is fasting for your density, Arcadians. Nunez has been on a hunger strike, against the advice of his doctor, for nine days now to encourage voters to come out in record numbers to vote for three particular candidates who are in favor of increasing density allowances in downtown Arcadia. And, in a stunning twist, Nunez happens to want to develop densely in downtown Arcadia. Specifically he wants to build mixed-use developments around the city's future Gold Line station, but ones that are taller and denser than currently allowed. Nunez told the Pasadena Star-News "I didn't know how (else) I would get my message out," and that he thought about running for city council himself, but changed his mind. He also told the paper that tomorrow's is "the most important election" ever for Arcadia, which is maybe why he skipped out on voting in the city's last general election. He's been drinking water, coffee, tea, Mountain Dew, and protein drinks since Easter, but you need more calories than that to maintain at 245 pounds; Nunez told LA Weekly he's lost a few pounds. You can see video of his progress and his specific demands over at his website.
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