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What is Going on With Nicolas Cage's Copa De Oro?

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After a year on the market listed at $29.999 million, then at $17.5 million, Cage's famous house was relisted in early September 2009, with the realtor asking for sealed bids starting at $9.95 million. And then we heard it sold. Now, there's this via ActiveRain: "On 3/18/2010 a Notice of Sale was recorded against the title to 363 Copa De Oro Rd...Cage bought the house in 1998 for $6.5 Million, but over the years the property was refinanced and borrowed against several times to the extent (that according to Public Records), over $17 Million is currently owed on the property."
· Nicolas Cage's Bel Air Mansion - Notice of Trustee's Sale [ActiveRain]