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Like a Pack of Jackals, Playa Vista Homeowners Go After Rosendahl

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Watch this video and you'll never, ever want to run for public office. This is from last week's meeting between Playa Vista homeowners and City Councilman Bill Rosendahl. The discussion: Phase II of Playa Vista, which would bring 2,600 more homes, and hundreds of square feet of retail and office space to the cozy Playa Vista campus. Because the Planning and Land Use Committee will discuss approval of the project today--a lawsuit delayed the EIR process--Rosendahl met with residents last week at the Playa Vista club house. These homeowners want Phase II, which is being developed by Playa Capital, to happen. And they want to make sure Rosendahl still wants it to happen. But as you can see, things get ugly fast. "This looks like the healthcare tea parties," Rosendahl says, just as the crowd starts shouting at him. This morning, we caught up with the city councilman. "I was told by the developer, 'don’t go, they will attack you,'" he said. Meanwhile, he also said he understood the crowd's angst ("This is democracy at its best"), but reiterated his position that changes may be in order. "The development agreement is vague...[The crowd] frankly doesn't know what’s going on with phase 2, they don’t want know what a developer agreement entails.” Among other things, Rosendahl says he's considering senior housing, and that he may push to bring in retail before the housing component. As you can see in the video, the crowd's not hip to any suggested changes.

Bill Rosendahl at Playa Vista trying to change The Village plans from Dale Ross on Vimeo.

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