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May, Neutra, Jones, or Dingbat: LA's Favorite Residential Buildings of the 60s

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The LA Conservancy's poll of the favorite ecclesiastical buildings of the sixties is closed and the top spot has gone to the North Hills "Onion," aka the Sepulveda Unitarian Universalist Society. The group is halfway through voting for the Top 60 of the '60s (part of its Sixties Turn 50 campaign). Ten buildings will be selected in each of six categories, with residential, cultural and industrial/manufacturing still to go. The top civic/institutional spot went to Ambassador College in Pasadena, and the recently reprieved Century Plaza Hotel in Century City was number one in commercial/retail. Next up is a biggie: residential architecture. Since LA has an embarrassment of riches in that department, the Conservancy says instead of narrowing the field to twenty individual homes, "in this particular category, we offer a single sample of work by some of the greatest architects of the period, as well as representative examples of the broad range of residential design popular here in the sixties -- including, yes, dingbat apartments." The Golden Mermaid in Santa Monica fulfills that requirement, and other entrants include John Lautner's Chemosphere and the Stahl House in the Hollywood Hills, the International Tower in Long Beach, and the polynesian Kona Pali Apartments and the Eichler Tract in Granada Hills. Check them all out and vote at the Conservancy's website. [Images via LA Conservancy]
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Stahl House

1635 Woods Drive, , CA 90069 Visit Website

Century Plaza Hotel

2025 Avenue of the Stars, Los Angeles, CA 90067 Visit Website