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LA Zoo Parking Lot Getting All Cleaned Up and Greened Up

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A concerned reader wrote in last Friday to report that "workers are ripping out mature trees" from part of the Los Angeles Zoo's parking lot. No need to chain yourself to anything yet, reader. The project underway is an overall improvement and a fix for the lot's dirty stormwater runoff, which flows into the LA River. It's funded by the city's Prop O Clean Water Bond. A rep for the zoo's overhaul tells Curbed that 60 trees (including non-natives and, according to our reader, California sycamores) are being removed, but that 247 native trees will be planted. The native and drought tolerant landscaping will join permeable pavement and bioretention cells to "mimic natural hydrology and minimize the amount of pollutants in stormwater runoff." The project also calls for stormwater capture for reuse, as well as new lighting, exhibit space about conservation and sustainability, and "easy access to bicycle paths and public transportation." The layout and flow of the lot will be improved, although total parking spaces will be reduced from 2,576 to 2,247. Completion is expected in early 2011.
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