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MTA Plans Baby Steps for Billion Dollar NoHo Wave

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Over the weekend, the Daily News ran an upbeat-sounding story entitled, "NoHo on Verge of Comeback," a piece which noted that some retailers in North Hollywood's Arts District are reporting an uptick in sales, while the Metropolitan Transportation Authority is also saying there's "there's renewed interest" in moving forward with the NoHo Wave, that $1.1 billion AC Martin-designed housing and office project proposed around the Metro Red and Orange line terminals near Lankersheim. Los Angeles-based developer Lowes Enterprises was awarded the contract for the job---still stalled by the economy---but hey, in the short term, the MTA wants to do some transit improvements associated with the project. Roger Moliere, Metro's chief of real property and new business development, tells the paper: "We're going to try to figure out how to get this going in stages until the credit markets unfreeze, and we're seeing some signs of thawing in that." Moliere provided a little more info this morning, telling us those planned MTA improvements mentioned in the Daily News story include adding a tunnel underneath the street to connect the Orange and Red Lines, and adding more Park and Ride spaces. Meanwhile, Lowes is entirely still on board in terms of developing the project, he added.
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