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Miracle Mile's 5550 Wilshire Project May Go Rental

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Legacy’s 163-mixed-unit project
There are finished rentals along Wilshire Boulevard (5600 Wilshire, Viridian), and there are even more planned rentals along Wilshire Boulevard (BRE's Wilshire La Brea). And now 5550 Wilshire, a nearly finished, planned condo project at 5550 Wilshire may end up going rental, according to numerous sources. The project was built as 163 condos, but developer Legacy Partners hasn't decided whether to put the building, which'll be finished this spring, up as condos or rentals (presumably the development could always go back to being condo once the market gets better). Meanwhile, there are five commercial spaces on the ground floor. Lee Shapiro, senior managing director at commercial Charles Dunn tells us Chipotle has signed a lease (news first reported by Eater), while restaurant and retailers are negotiating for the other spaces. Design-wise, a Larchmont Chronicle story called this six-story building an "Art Deco Moderne"-style building.
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5550 Wilshire

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