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Showdown in Beverly Hills Over "Monster Home"

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Sounds like shady dealings are going down in the 90210, according to the Beverly Hills Courier. The homeowners of a single-family residence at 1201 Laurel are under fire for allegedly going around the city regarding a remodel of the house. The city says they ok'd a 50 percent demolition of the existing structure, but the homeowners demolished 90 percent. The homeowners, Papcap Laurel Way LLC (the house was previously owned by businessman Richard Papalian, hmm), claimed it was necessary because of safety concerns and that they verbally got an ok from a city official. Beverly Hills says nope. Neighbors are also peeved at the owner saying they always planned on bringing down the old house so they could build a supersized one—it's three stories where it was just one before. Via the paper: "Three years ago somebody knocked on the door stating they were going to buy 1201 Laurel Way and asked if we had objections to tearing the house down," said neighbor Ronit Gura, who did have objections. "We found out then that instead of asking for a permit to build a new house, (which would require commission and public hearings for the neighbors input), they received a remodel permit which is less restrictive." Now Gura is suing Papcap saying they exceeded the vertical limit of 14 feet--1201 Laurel is now 23 feet. The city council takes on the issue of 1201 Laurel on April 20.
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