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Trolleys for LAX? Caruso Affiliated Announces Airport Plans

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Rick Caruso always keeps us guessing. His Burton Way project is moving along smoothly, and last we heard he was idly discussing bringing his villagey retail brand into East LA or Westwood. Then today Caruso Affiliated announces that BAM they're going into airports next. The company has created an airport division (with new Vice President for Airports John Cugasi, formerly Director of Concessions at Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta International Airport, joining today), to "pursue airport retail opportunities" to develop and operate. One of Caruso Affiliated's first airport projects "is likely to be in Los Angeles." It sounds like Caruso will be bringing his signature Groveish touch to our terminals; he says airports "need to create a more inviting shopping and dining experience for the traveler. With travelers spending more time in terminals, airport authorities realize the financial value of offering something special because people are more willing to spend if you provide style, quality and service." [Images via California Streetcar Systems and Panoramio]
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