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Exciting Walgreens Signage in Downtown, Another Bundy Village Protest Tomorrow

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DOWNTOWN: Reader Sticky writes: "... I was walking in downtown LA along West 7th near Hope and saw a sign (attached) announcing that a Walgreens would be opening up. It's in 617 West 7th Street, the same building that houses The Chicago School. It's right across the street from a Rite Aid and that new condo building 655 Hope." It's a long time coming this Walgreens." CBRE agent Derrick Moore says the 16,000 square foot store will open in late April or early May. Layoffs at Walgreen corporate delayed original plans to get it going earlier. [Curbed InBox]

WEST LA: A press rep for the group--led by developer Kilroy--fighting that Bundy Village project, writes in to let everyone know that there's another protest tomorrow at 5:00 pm. This latest round of protesting is in advance of another Planning Commission hearing, which is scheduled for Thursday. You can go to the hearing, or the protest, or just read about it on Curbed. Or you can just stab yourself in the eye, too. [Curbed InBox]

617 West 7th Street, los angeles