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$7.50 Per Square Foot For Hollywood Hills' High Tower Court

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A reader writes of this little apartment in the High Tower Court: "It's golden opportunity but is $1,500 too much for a mere 200 square feet?" Is it? The studio is "at the very top of a 4 unit bldg," and while small on the inside, "there is a huge amount of outdoor deck space with AMAZING 180 degree views of Hollywood, downtown LA & on a really clear day all the way to Long Beach." It also has that tiny, charming kitchen. Here are the other catches: street parking only, and no laundry on site. There's also no mention of a pricey High Tower Elevator key, so you may or may not be carrying your laundry up and down a lot of stairs.

There are also three High Tower Court places for sale right now:

1. The two bedroom, two bathroom duplex we've mentioned before has been pricechopped again down to $749,000.
2. A three bedroom, two bathroom duplex that's been chopped from a high of $995,000 down to $799,000.
3. And another three bedroom, two bathroom duplex that's all the way down at $699,000.
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