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Full Monty Image Scanners Coming to LAX

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The Department of Homeland Security announced today that they've ponied up the money to provide advancing imaging technology, aka terrorist-thwarting body scanners, to 11 airports including LAX. The super X-rays are controversial--they can basically see through people's clothes--but Mayor Villaraigosa supports the program. "Because improving airport security remains one of my highest priorities, I am grateful to the Department of Homeland Security for their support for the expansion of this technology at LAX and at airports throughout the country," the mayor said in a press release from his office. In January, a TSA agent apparently got a peak at Villaraigosa's full monty when he passed through LAX's body scanner. Interestingly enough, the company that makes the body scanners is Torrance-based Rapiscan Systems. [Image of JFK body scanner via AP]
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Los Angeles International Airport (LAX)

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