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With No News of a Lawsuit, Expo Authority Shops for Contractors

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Westside homeowners adamantly against Expo Phase II—they say because it runs above-ground—have until March 6th to file suit against the recently certified environmental impact report. That's tomorrow, and no news yet. Hmmm. The Expo Authority yesterday told Metro's Board of Directors that they're beginning the process of hiring a contractor to conduct engineering work on the Culver City to Santa Monica line. "This action represents the first step toward hiring a design-build contractor to construct the long-awaited light rail extension to Santa Monica," Expo says on its Facebook page. "Upon completion of successful negotiations, [preliminary engineering] contracts will be awarded to both firms and PE work will continue for six months. In November 2010, the Authority will select one of these PE firms as the design-build contractor to complete the design work and construct this vital mass transit link, which is scheduled to be completed in 2015." Could the Westside homeowners leading the charge againt Expo II, a group called Neighbors for Smart Rail, pull a last minute surprise on Oscar weekend? Anything's possible.
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