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Hack, Hack! Your LA Freeway-Adjacent Condo Awaits

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Under a story titled, "Black Lung Lofts," the LA Weekly looks at the health risks of living in a freeway adjacent condo and apartment project like Universal Lofts, straddled between the 101 and Cahuenga Boulevard, and Puerta del Sol in Lincoln Heights near the I-5, and quotes planning commissioner Mike Woo as stating that the planning commission has "'no legal tools to prevent a developer from building' family housing right next to a freeway." More from the story:

"According to Woo, neither the City Council, led by electric car–driving Council President Eric Garcetti, nor Villaraigosa, who wants Los Angeles to be "the cleanest and greenest city" in America, has shown an interest in the 500-foot buffers or hazard-disclosure regulations suggested by the scientists. Inside City Hall, where real estate developers have enjoyed outsized influence for the past 100 years or so, such restrictions, Woo says, would "probably be very controversial."

But neither is the issue being pushed by the environmental community in Southern California, which has been much more focused on lobbying the California Legislature on state environmental laws and global warming.

'I can't think of an [environmental] group that's fighting development near freeways,' says Martha Arguello, executive director of the Los Angeles chapter of Physicians for Social Responsibility, a nonprofit, public-health advocacy group. 'I'm hard-pressed.'"
· Black Lung Lofts [LA Weekly]