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Nissan's South Bay Campus Fills Up, We Didn't Need Them Anyway

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In 2006, when Nissan decided to take its US headquarters and a whole bunch of jobs to Nashville, no one in LA was happy ("Southland officials and business leaders pitched a fit," says the LA Times). But the best revenge is living well, and today a group led by Kearny Real Estate announced the sale of the last property on the site, a three-story building that will go to the Kaiser Foundation Health Plan. The renamed Kearny South Bay Business Park is 42 acres in Carson and LA, and has 700,000 square feet of space in 13 buildings. Kearny bought the site from Nissan in 2006 for $75 million and got rid of the pedestrian bridges, improved the buildings, and reconfigured parking. According to a press release, Kearny sold the 13 separate buildings for "just over $92 million," to companies in fashion, finance, manufacturing, and more. How great is the victory note in the release's announcement that "Once Kaiser takes full occupancy of the final building, the campus is expected to employ more people than were previously working for Nissan." And is there just a hint of "F you" in the LAT's observation that "Nissan's long presence has nearly been erased, absorbed by a variety of companies that reflect the diversity of the region's economy."
· Nissan's old campus in South Bay gets 'flipped' [LAT]