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Carson Mobile Home Ruling Overturned by Court

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In what’s being called an important land use issue ruling, a state appellate court overturned a decision that allowed the owner of a Carson mobile home park to convert the site into individual lots, reports the Daily Breeze. Via the paper: "The [court's] opinion agrees with arguments the city has made since 2002, when park owner James Goldstein first sought conversion. The city claims he only wants the change because he will profit by eliminating city rent controls and from the proceeds from sales of the individual lots. The appellate court agreed that Goldstein's motivation should not be to remove rent controls." The City Council will now review the case, according to the paper. More from the Breeze: '"This case is important for every city in California because this is the first time the Court of Appeals has given cities any latitude at all in considering these applications," City Attorney Bill Wynder said. 'The opinion - for the first time - grants the city discretion, within limits, to grant or deny conversion applications. The city's review of these applications is no longer a rubber-stamp approval.'
· Appellate court overturns ruling favoring Carson mobile home park owner [Daily Breeze]