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Marina del Rey's Latitude 33 Will Open Soonish

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Final work on Latitude 33, the Marina del Rey building formerly known as Pier Pointe, is wrapping up, and the owner is looking at a tentative June opening, according to a press representative. This building has a bumpy history: It never entirely finished, and was at one point owned by Lennar. Then it disappeared and went into some sort of financial black hole, a dark period which saw it get tagged up, but now all is right with the world, and it's owned by a company called SunBrook Partners. Additionally, now the building has a Facebook page and Twitter account. And a name that sounds like a men's cologne or an airport bar, but who are we to judge odd-sounding names. Meanwhile, there are three different types of residences: The ones in the tower, and then the two different adjoining flatter buildings. When Lennar owned the project, it was touting prices from $900,000 to $3 million, so we'll see where prices hit when it begins its marketing campaign. And you can begin to start taking bets on whether SunBrook sells it via auction or tries the old-fashioned route of simply opening a sales office.
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