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Secret Tiki Bar in the Hollywood Hills, Clive Wilkinson in London

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HOLLYWOOD HILLS: Having officially closed escrow, yesterday singer Moby started moving into Wolf's Lair, that Hollywood Hills home we've been following forever. Today he passes on a photo (via email) of what he believes to be the secret stairwell to the speakeasy "tiki bar." The passageway is located near the driveway--the bar was supposedly built during prohibition. And the bar is still intact! The listing (still up) mentions it: "The spirited south seas 1920's décor remains intact, where the rare bamboo piano may play a tune or a gin martini [can] be shaken at the curved bar." Oh, yes please. [Curbed InBox]

LOS ANGELES AND BEYOND: Looking over Clive Wilkinson Architects' web site, we see the architect behind 10 Palms has opened an office overseas. "Effective March 15, 2010 CWA is launching a full-time presence in London to service our European clients. We shall notify our clients and colleagues once a physical office location and contact details are finalized. This initiative is an effort to more closely support projects in London and on the European continent which have been serviced from our Los Angeles office over the past ten years." [Clive Wilkinson]

Wolf's Lair

2869 Durand Dr., Los Angeles, CA