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Sea of Cement No More? Glendale's Brand Blvd Reimagined

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Via Inhabitat, a speculative project from Glendale's Osborn Architects that says "Hey, Brand Boulevard of Cars' stretch of dealerships as far as the eye can see is kind of a bummer, what can we do about it?" Their answer: turn it into "Part urban forest dotted with follies, gardens, and recreation and part urban boulevard with streamlined infrastructure, consumer and cultural opportunities." Inhabitat elaborates: "vertical urban forests would sequester carbon and filter pollution, as well as store water. The entire boulevard would also be embedded with a new system of multi-mobility options, turning Brand Boulevard from a giant glorified parking lot into a functioning, green transit corridor connecting north to south." The project won a Citation Award last year from the Pasadena Foothills AIA. Inhabitat has some before and after shots.
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