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Santa Monica Considers Dragnets for Farmers Market

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In an effort to both improve safety and cut costs, Santa Monica is considering adding reinforced nets capable of stopping cars at the entrance of its Farmers Market, which was the site of devastating accident in 2003, reports the Santa Monica Daily Press. Since the car accident, which killed 10 people, the city uses police cars as barricades at the Arizona Avenue and Second Street entrances, while the city also uses police staff to direct traffic around the popular market. Using the nets would save money, according to the paper, while Jennifer Taylor, a senior development analyst in City Hall's Economic Development Department is quoted as saying that "Santa Monica will have the safest Farmers' Market in the whole U.S., if not the world, with these dragnets." Additionally, Taylor notes the nets, which are normally used at construction sites, "can be covered with signs or public art, so they wouldn't stand out as unattractive fortifications."
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