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Just Out of the Fairfax, Regency Takes Over Westwood Manns*

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[Village via Movie Palaces Along Wilshire Boulevard; Bruin via You-Are-Here]

You know the old saying: "You never stop operating one theater without getting in to two more." Calabasas-based Regency Theatres just announced last week that they'd be leaving the Fairfax Theatre space, and today we find out they're taking over operations* (not buying, as we'd previously said) at the Mann Bruin and Mann Village in Westwood. Mann said last August it would end its leases at the theaters, and those are up Wednesday, so Regency is in on Thursday. Both of the houses date from the 1930s--the Village opened in 1931 and has more than 1,300 seats, the Bruin opened in 1937 and has just under 700. The Wrap, meanwhile, runs down all the Westwood area theaters Mann has abandoned.
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