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Manifest Equality Nabs Rare Sublet at the Academy Museum Space

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It's not an Academy Museum, but there is art up for a short while at the former Big Lots at Vine and Homewood. Manifest Equality runs today through Sunday at the Academy-owned building that sits on part of the site of the on-hold Academy Museum project. The exhibit is dedicated to gay equality; its website describes it as a "visual call-to-action, with hundreds of artists motivating public energy toward true reform on a local, state and national level." The artists include Harvey Pekar, Karen Kimmel, and Barry McGee (and many, many more--full list on the website). It's notable that the Academy's agreed to sublet the space at all, but also specifically during Oscar week.

Co-organizer Jennifer Gross told Curbed she lives around the corner from the just recently closed store and said every time she went out location scouting for the exhibit, she'd come back and "drool" over the Academy building. She says the Academy doesn't normally sublet its property, but she presented a thorough case, begged and pleaded a little, and eventually, because the property is intended to be an art space, the Academy agreed to temporarily sublet it (very temporarily--the show starts breaking down Monday). Gross said the space wasn't in great shape when they started moving in, and that design collective Commune has redesigned the space to make it usable for the show. Towleroad has a short preview and an interior shot.
· Manifest Equality [Official Site]

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