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Orange County Lawn Guy Wants City to Change Code

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Yesterday, Quan Ha, the guy who faced a legal challenge from the city of Orange for failing to maintain his lawn---Ha removed the grass to save watering expenses, and later, added wood chips--pled not guilty yesterday in a Superior Court, while a hearing will be moved back till the end of March. But with all the media attention, there has been an outpouring of support for Ha, according to the paper, which notes "a woman in Cerritos donated several succulent plants and Village Nursery in Orange gave the Ha family a discount on 70 drought-tolerant plants and trees that were planted Monday." Meanwhile, Assistant City Attorney Wayne Winthers says it's his hope that the issue can be resolved. More via the OCR: "After his arraignment, Quan Ha stood outside the courthouse and told assembled media crews that he believed the city of Orange should change its law regarding residential front yards.

"The next step after this is to petition the City Council to change the code," Ha said. "I'm not looking for a pat on the back, but it's a common sense thing to encourage people to save water." Via OCR
· Man without a lawn pleads not guilty [OC Register]