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Meet the Guy Who Fixed the Little Tokyo Gold Line Station

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The new Little Tokyo Gold Line station that opened in November was slightly confusing in terms of directing passengers where to go until transit rider Jung Gatoona decided to become a pain in Metro's tucchus and they set up signs around the station. Gatoona complained to Metro, and then wrote a post on transit website PlusMetro, which was picked up on Metro's blog. Soon enough he got a call from a Metro representative named Mr. Moore who listened to his safety suggestions. Writes Gatoona: "He liked the idea of coloring the swinging gates to differentiate them from the fences, and adding an arrow to the doors and gates to lead people to the correct path. Adding graphics of footsteps though, he argued against, noting that this would never pass Metro's 'design department.'" Voila—the Little Tokyo station now has signs directing passengers, the swinging gates are now colored, and there are entrance and exit signs. In related news, the station may be reconfigured when the Regional Connector opens later this decade. [Images via PlusMetro]

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