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Gregory Ain's Avenel Cooperative in Silver Lake

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The last time a unit opened up in the Avenel Cooperative Housing project, people got pretty so excited so please do gaze upon this new listing for a three-bedroom, one-bath unit that's asking $745,000. Built in 1947 by architect Gregory Ain, the Avenel Cooperative Housing Project was an experiment in cooperative living. A 2002 Los Angeles Times article noted "Ain's complex remains a model for effective use of limited space for low-cost urban housing. But today it is more than just an example of idealism. Interest in the mid-century style that Ain helped develop has surged in recent years, and the units, which now sell for well over $300,000, have become magnets for architecture buffs." The listing comes via the always steller Twitter feed of mcm_fan, one of those must-follow twitterers.
· Historic Gregory Ain Avenel Cooperative - Silver Lake [Deasy Penner]

Avenel Cooperative Housing Project

2841 AVENEL Street, los angeles